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Get Ready for a Taste Sensation Like No Other!

NO BULL Dairy-Free Oat-Based Frozen Dessert, Sea Salt Caramel, cone
NO BULL Dairy-Free Oat-Based Frozen Dessert, Mint Chocolate Swirl cone shot

As the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for NO BULL, it’s my job to get the word out, create buzz, hype and showcase all the great attributes of our brand to the masses.

Knowing personally how creamy and delicious NO BULL is, I started testing the waters with others. So, without even a Press Release out to the media, I took a chance and sent NO BULL sample pints to Aly Walansky, who was writing a piece for on new plant-based ice cream brands. Aly is a contributor to (get ready for it),,,,,,,,, Reader’s Digest,,, Orbitz, Men’s Journal, Popsugar,, and Stylecaster.

Well, no surprise to me, Aly loved NO BULL and here we are, not even in the supermarkets yet, and BAM, we’re on the list competing with the big boys! Check it out for yourself HERE!

That’s when I really knew we were on to something! I started scooping NO BULL to countless attendees at local vegan festivals, food & wine events, and grocery buyers throughout the country to rave reviews and eager enthusiasm where to purchase NO BULL.

It’s like we transformed non-dairy ice cream to a new and decadent dessert! It is incredible to hear such awesome feedback and testimonials that it’s hard for me not to scream to the world exactly what people were saying . . .  “peanut butter tastes amazing,” “creamier than So Delicious,” “WOW, tastes exactly like apple pie with chunks of real apples,” “tastes so much better than NadaMoo,” “it’s the creamiest vegan ice cream I’ve ever tasted,” and the crowd favorite, “This shit tastes great.” These are their words, not mine, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Though I am humble in my personal life, I’m stoked to share that wherever and whoever I scoop our NO BULL flavors to, they all say the same thing “This shit tastes great”. I know I should be more eloquent, but this is exactly what people are saying about NO BULL’s plant-based ice cream alternative and we’re not even in the grocery stores yet.

While we all wait for NO BULL to hit the freezer cases in Whole Foods Markets throughout Florida this month, all I can say is, “get ready for a taste-sensation like no other because our NO BULL, this shit tastes great”!

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Getting Our Feet Wet in the South Florida Plant-Based Community

A few weeks ago, athletes and fans fell in love with NO BULL for the very first time at Don Shula’s Superbowl celebration. We realized we’d scored big when Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, two former NFL stars, raved about our desserts and couldn’t get enough.

For those reasons, we were up for the challenge and ready to conquer our next endeavor: introducing NO BULL to the plant-based community. Our team decided to stop at the Miami Veg Fest, an outdoor health festival held at the University of Miami, to showcase a variety of flavors to our hometown locals.

I mean really, who wouldn’t want to try a delicious frozen dessert on a hot South Florida day?

Visitors from all parts of the globe came out to sample and get the inside scoop on our incrediBULL creations.

We knew we’d done it again when lines of attendees patiently waited for seconds (and for some, thirds!). We even had the opportunity to serve NO BULL to world famous physician Dr. Michael Klaper, known for educating and supporting individuals around the globe on their health and well-being journey through a whole food, plant-based diet. The craziest part is that so many of you asked for pints on site, which honestly, was a pleasant surprise to us.

This led to a group of university students, having just fallen for NO BULL, to rush back to the dorms and happily greet us with empty Tupperware containers at cleanup time. We scooped them all the extra ice cream we had so they could share with friends and enjoy eating our treats together.

As they gratefully walked away, we couldn’t help but smile knowing our passion for excellence made their days. Seriously, you proved NO BULL really is just that good.

It was no surprise to us that our non-dairy ice cream was the hit of the show. Next time, we’ll be sure to come better prepared with pints for you to take home!

Hearing your valued feedback and chatting about all things plant-based is what pushes us to do what we do. So really, thank you for supporting our business by coming by to taste, smile, and say hello.

They say you learn something new every day. And that day, we learned just how many people love NO BULL dairy-free ice cream. The excitement is real, and we cannot wait to see your smiles again in a few weeks at your local Florida Whole Foods Market. Which location will we be meeting you at?

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The Inside “Scoop” on What Athletes Are Saying About Our Non-Dairy Game Changer

Here at NO BULL, we value your feedback and strive to create the perfect non-dairy ice cream alternative every day. For months our team has tasted, perfected, and remade countless batches of oat-based flavors to bless your taste buds with nothing far from creamy excellence. And let me tell you…we’re onto something!

As a newcomer to the non-dairy community, we were curious to see NO BULL’s performance in a highly competitive playing field. So, we took a leap of faith and decided to sample our flavors at Football Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula’s Superbowl celebration.

Here, athletes and fans tasted our creamy Caramel Apple Pie and Peanut Butter Fudge for the very first time, and the overwhelming amount of positive feedback has us jumping in our seats! We are so ready for you to try our pints this April, which will be eagerly waiting to meet you at your local Florida Whole Foods Market. I mean really, we’re just THAT good… and are humbled to see that you agree, too.

As the plant-based consumer market continues to expand, educational films supporting the movement of modern athletes towards a plant-based diet have grown in popularity. Research has found that a plant-based diet aids in athlete’s recovery time, performance, and agility, as highlighted in contemporary films such as The Game Changers.

That evening, NO BULL had the pleasure of meeting and sampling to former NFL stars Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, who truly had a lot to say about our desserts. The team was initially anxious to know how NO BULL would be received by the boyhood football stars of our founder. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see the pervasiveness of our products among current and former players.

We knew we were officially in the game when the two hung around and tasted both flavors many, many times. I mean seriously, we almost gave Mark Clayton, who knows a good catch when he sees one, his own personal scooper! We called the plays, they caught the flavors, and ran with it. It was then, we knew we had scored big. So yeah, it’s official – we’ve created a delicious, creamy, non-dairy game changer. And don’t worry, the wait is almost over! We’ll see you at your local Florida Whole Foods Market in April.

Until then, let’s stay connected on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @eatnobull. We’ll continue to keep you posted on our next adventures, so stay tuned for the next opportunity to come by and taste NO BULL. Because really, we’re just that good.