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Try a vegan food, share it on social media tagging @eatnobull, inspire others and perhaps win yourself some delicious NO BULL Dairy-Free ice cream in the process! We’re giving away 4 pints to 1 winner each month. Get started by signing up on our mailing list here to enter to win:

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Why are we doing it?

In the documentary Game Changers, world-class athletes shared the phenomenal results accomplished on a plant-based diet. In addition, it showed the impact it’s 7-day challenge had on the brave warriors of the FDNY. We knew we had to take part in this plant-forward movement too.

We believe that everyone has the right to the joy of ice cream! That’s why we, as a family-owned dairy company developed NO BULL, our dairy-free ice cream – a Vegan-certified dessert for everyone to enjoy… Vegan or not.

Knowing that including more plants in our diet provides all sorts of benefits to our health, the environment and society, we’ve become plant-forward and want to encourage this lifestyle by providing our plant-based ice cream as an alternative to dairy ice cream, without feeling like you’ve had to sacrifice.

So it felt natural to us to introduce a challenge to help encourage others wanting to give veganism or a plant-forward lifestyle a try… in the tastiest way we could…..with free ice cream!

You’re welcome.

Why should you do it?

We’re not asking you to save the world or stop you from doing things you love… seriously, you get to eat more No Bull non-dairy ice cream all week. Veganism isn’t right for everybody, so baby steps is how we’re encouraging change. So take that step and join the challenge! You will be amazed how deliciously easy it is adding more plants to your diet.

We want to motivate anyone else interested in living a more plant-forward lifestyle too. So, we want to make it worth your while! Share your vegan taste test , then tag us @eatnobull. We will review all tagged posts each month and award one participant with a week’s supply of creamy, delicious No Bull non-dairy ice cream.

The fine print (sorry, we have to do this):

Contest Rules: The #eatnobull Challenge invites participants to try any vegan food. To enter this contest participants must be at least 18 years of age. To win, participants must take and share a photo of their experience with the tag #eatnobull challenge and tag us @eatnobull on social media. The participant must also sign up for the challenge via to be entered to win. The contest will run and reset monthly- beginning on the first day of each month and concluding on the last day of each month. Each month, one Prize Pack will be awarded to the monthly contest winner, containing four pints of NO BULL non-dairy ice cream. Once the respective month’s contest is concluded on the last day of that month, the monthly winner will be chosen by a panel of No Bull judges. Each month’s winner will be notified via email and announced on social media. Participant’s entry is only valid for the month it was submitted. Winners will have 30 days to claim their prize. The Prize Pack is only available for shipment to addresses in the state of Florida. Sorry, this promotion does not qualify for substitutions and is not redeemable for cash value.

**Upon entry, participants agree to a complete release of liability from both Facebook & Instagram. This contest is in no way endorsed, sponsored, associated with, nor affiliated directly with Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.**