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Our plant-based, non-dairy frozen desserts are all natural, vegan and made from Organic, gluten- free Oat Flour and Organic Cane sugar. No ingredients are derived from animal products. Our oat flour, seeds and grains are all non-GMO, and grown without the use of enzymes, oxides or radiation in any part of the process. We use non-GMO, gluten-free pea protein that is sourced from a grower with a robust and thorough environmental impact plan that includes a focus on use of recycled materials, minimizing non-renewable resources while promoting the use of low toxicity, recycled and environmentally responsible products throughout the process.

Our corn product suppliers also have environmental and sustainability programs, complete with mission statements, clear objectives and results. One of our corn partners has decreased water usage by 20%, energy by 18% and cut their total carbon dioxide discharge by 5% since 2001. In addition, our partners primary resource is renewable and they derive a portion of their energy needs from renewable resources. Our primary corn supplier also has an energy sustainability initiative that has cut their natural gas and electrical usage each by 8% since 2001. Many of our growers have CO2 recovery facilities to reduce emissions and our corn growers have a water conservation program that has reduced their water usage by over 20% since 2001.

Our organic sugar supplier received an 86.7% score from the For Life Program for Social and Corporate Responsibility.

Our oil suppliers have a paperless initiative in their production process, use only high efficiency lighting and have a water conservation program as well.

Our syrup and malt suppliers use state of the art, energy efficient equipment to decrease consumption and reduce emissions during the production process.

We seek these types or partners to further our brand’s commitment to creating and maintaining sustainable products as well as rewarding growers and suppliers that adhere to best practices that promote the goals and objectives important to us at No Bull.

For our part, we will continue to partner with environmentally responsible partners and we are working on developing a recyclable package for our no bull pints that would change the ice cream packaging industry. We are also committed to reducing plastics usage in shipping and ways to incorporate renewable energy into our logistics and distribution.

All products are free of forced labor, child labor and our partners pay fair wages. All our partners practice fair labor standards and operate in safe working conditions.